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Dove Release


Let us help you create an exciting climactic conclusion to your wedding ceremony, as our white doves of celebration wing their way out of their white baskets, circle spectacularly overhead, and return to their home in Hacienda Heights. Your wedding guests will be amazed at the incredible beauty and symbolism of the white doves. Experience has shown that this surprise celebration of a white dove release will be one of the most talked about events of your wedding day… yet one of the least expensive. Our white doves have been flying at weddings in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1989. Call today, reserve the white doves and make a memory that will last a lifetime!


20 Birds • $370
30 Birds • $430
40 Birds • $490
60 Birds • $610
80 Birds • $730
100 Birds • $850


Since 1989, WDR has serviced Los Angeles County, Orange County and the surrounding counties with affordable dove releases and displays.

Make your event memorable with the beauty of a white dove release ceremony.

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White Dove Release White dove releases for weddings, funeral services, special events & more! Call us today 626-330-2129